Popular Types of Commercial Tiling in York

If you need help choosing the materials for commercial tiling installations at your York property, our commercial tiling company is here to advise you. Clients can rely on a commercial tiling contractor to suggest the best type of tiles for their interiors, including porcelain, granite and other natural stone options. Whatever size the job may be, our tiling company will provide a highly-qualified commercial floor tiler and wall fitter to lay new and replacement surfaces to complement your venue.

Porcelain Commercial Tiling

Porcelain, which is like ceramic, it fitted with a high-quality finish. A commercial tiling contractor will recommend porcelain for commercial tiling projects because it is a strong, durable material which has become increasingly popular in York and throughout the UK.


  • Porcelain is made from refined clay and fired in an oven at high temperatures to create a harder, denser tile in comparison to ceramic.
  • The surface is impermeable which makes it hygienic, easy to clean and suitable for a commercial floor tiler and wall fitter to install toilets, bathrooms, changing rooms, eateries and kitchens with.
  • Porcelain commercial tiling is resistant to absorbing moisture and can withstand extreme, fluctuating temperatures without cracking its veneer.
  • A commercial tiling company will recommend porcelain tiles as the natural hues don’t easily fade and any damage won’t affect the colouration.

Natural Stone Tiles

Our commercial tiling company specialises in fitting a selection of natural stone flooring, including slate, limestone, travertine and marble for new fittings and to match existing floors and walls for re-tiling jobs.


  • Stone tiles are versatile for any room, such as kitchens, hallways, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, which is ideal for hotels, spas and resorts
  • Stone is more durable and has a longer lifespan than carpets
  • Commercial tiling is easy to clean, maintain and repair


The stone tiles from the suppliers endorsed by our commercial tiling company boast a selection of warm, natural colours with different styles and textures to add an aesthetic warmth. A commercial tiling contractor also recommends stone when combined with underfloor heating.


  • Stone commercial tiling is suited to cutting-edge, electric underfloor heating systems to provide York clients with another source of heat
  • A commercial floor tiler can install stone tiles over the top of the heating apparatus, which is positioned above the existing flooring
  • Stone conducts heat to provide York clients with an eco-friendly, cost-efficient source of heating, acting as an effective alternative to central heating

Granite Flooring

Extremely Durable


A commercial tiling contractor will suggest granite tiles to clients in York who are based at a venue that deals with many visitors, such as supermarkets, shop floors and hotel foyers. Granite can support the overhead weight and pressure from high traffic on a regular basis. This makes granite a desirable choice for commercial tiling.

Resistant Material


Granite is a popular material for a commercial tiling company to fit in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants and food preparation areas due to its moisture and stain resistance, especially with tough acidic liquids like juice, coffee and wine. As granite is an excellent material to cover underfloor heating without getting damaged, this brand of commercial tiling is perfect for spas, changing rooms and fitness centres too.

Beautiful Aesthetic


Granite will enhance the flooring at your York property, adding an elegant style to catch peoples’ eye. Our commercial floor tiler can lay polished, high-glossy tiles or textured commercial tiling, depending on your preference or interior design scheme. Granite is available in a variety of colours and mottled patterns, plus the sparkling effect from the natural elements will beautifully reflect the light.

To get a free quote for porcelain or natural stone commercial tiling installations by a professional commercial tiling contractor in the York area, call 01132 569 423.