Benefits of Commercial Tiling in Leeds

If you are considering commercial tiling for the brand-new floors at your Leeds property, a commercial floor tiler will talk you through the reasons why tiles are a superior option to other flooring materials. Our commercial tiling company will lay your floors with beautiful and durable products, which we can supply for a variety of venues and purposes. If you’re unsure about the benefits that a tiling company can afford you, learn more about the outstanding services from a top commercial tiling contractor in Yorkshire.

Commercial Tiling Advantages

When you need to re-surface or install brand-new flooring at your Leeds property, the type of material you’re looking for should focus on the following features:


  • Strength and durability
  • Practicality and hygiene
  • Level of maintenance and repair involved
  • Cost-effective installation process
  • Visual aesthetics


Commercial tiling incorporates these characteristics to provide business owners with venues that look great, using long-lasting materials. As one of the top commercial tiling contractors in Leeds, Yorkshire and throughout the UK, we offer advice and provide affordable rates for installing floors with a perfect finish. Our commercial tiling company can fit a range of premium-quality products, made from ceramics, porcelain, slate, limestone, travertine, marble and granite. With a variety of colours, patterns, textures and finishes to choose from, our commercial floor tiler will lay floors that are perfect for welcoming visitors and for making an unforgettable impact as soon as they walk through the door.

Safe and Stylish


Our commercial tiling company will ensure that the tiles you choose are suitable for the location, such as reception areas, canteens or wet rooms. A commercial floor tiler will assess your Leeds property and lay your tiles in a fast and efficient manner. Commercial tiling and re-tiling installations must be applied with anti-slip surfaces to prevent accidents in public and private workplaces, complying with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Our tiling company will guarantee these regulations are fulfilled.

Comparison to Carpets


  • Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain commercial tiling is easy to keep clean. Any spills from liquids can be wiped up and stains can be removed without the need for specialist, heavy-duty cleaning solutions. Most grouts are completely stain-resistant too.
  • The initial cost for a tiling company may be slightly more expensive than a carpet fitter, however commercial tiling has a longer lifespan and affordable repairs are seamless to the overall design.
  • Commercial tiling doesn’t attract dirt, dust or pollen like carpet fibres can, making floors more hygienic in comparison.
  • A commercial floor tiler can lay tiles in a variety of contemporary patterns and styles, which other floor installations cannot match.

Luxurious Finish


To make an impression on the guests who visit your Leeds property, our commercial tiling company is experienced at fitting premium-quality tiles with glossy finishes. Porcelain and granite commercial tiling options are particularly eye-catching, reflecting a sense of luxury and glamour for any style entrance, lobby or foyer. At West Yorkshire Tiling Solutions Ltd, we can recommend major-brand manufacturers to suit any budget.

Long-Lasting Quality


Ceramic and porcelain are extremely resilient to stains and general wear and tear, if the commercial tiling is well maintained. This also relies upon a professional installation, completed by a commercial tiling contractor such as ourselves. One of our commercial floor tilers will also advise Leeds clients on how to preserve the quality of their tiles with non-abrasive cleaning methods, including products with non-acidic chemicals.

To get free advice from a commercial tiling contractor or a quote for our commercial tiling services available in Leeds, Yorkshire and throughout the UK, call 01132 569 423.